pink2016It’s spring and it’s time for Pink Istanbul…

The biggest ‘Turkish touch’ gay party in the Western hemisphere…

This years touch…

DJ Burak Sahin & DJ Serhat Uzunel from the Istanbul Gay scene & the gay club os Istanbul: Love Dance Point

DJ Erhan Afacan our resident for the Turkpop (steam) room, upstairs!

DJ Absoluut – catchy cheap chique eurovision and mediterranean tophits!

The G-Team – known and loved in Istanbul & Amsterdam. The duo of Amsterdam pride parties!

Trippin-Angels our always present and performing half Turkish creative sisters!

Zenne’s from Istanbul – naughty male bellydancers, with and without moustache. And İstanbuls most lovely and most sexy dancer Bianca.

And ofcourse, the one and only power MC of Amsterdam and İstanbul, Miss Bunty!

Electronic ultrarities, oriental dums and teks and sleazy steamy Pop from beyond the Bosphorus!!!

Be early party more!!!

tickets 12,5 at the door…
or if you don’t want to wait in line:


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